Hong Kong Countryside Conservation

One of the objectives of Asia Environmental Foundation is to conserve and enhance biodiversity of the Hong Kong countryside.

Despite being a metropolitan city, Hong Kong has a lot to offer to natural lovers. About three quarters of Hong Kong is countryside. There are 24 country parks and 11 special areas of conservation (which are situated outside the country parks) in Hong Kong covering a total area of 44,300 hectares. Hong Kong countryside offers splendid views of sandy beaches, woodlands and mountain ridges covered by open grassland.

Asia Environmental Foundation monitors country park development and reports any destructive or illegal construction within the country park enclaves.

Environmental Sustainable Programme

Asia Environment Foundation also aims to carry out natural disaster relief and recovery work.

Since 2008, Asia Environmental Foundation has entered into several agreements with Myanmar Business Coalition on AIDS (MBCA) under which Asia Environmental Foundation and MBCA have agreed to cooperate in an environmentally sustainable village programme giving relief in aftermath of the devastating Cyclone Nargis and rebuilding villages that had been totally destroyed. Newly built households are equipped with solar-powered running water and electricity.

Asia Environmental Foundation made donations for the rebuilding work and the project was undertaken by MBCA in association with Cape Negrais Relief and Recovery Committee (CNRR) which has been involved in the rebuilding and recovery work in the West Ayeyarwaddy Delta of Myanmar.


MBCA is an approved charitable organisation established in Myanmar whose mission is to reach out to the community through the business sector. MBCA was initially established to assist businesses into responding effectively to HIV by mitigating HIV impact, and MBCA’s services has grown to also to cover other health issues in Myanmar including tuberculosis and malaria.

CNRR was established by MBCA and various business associates and individuals in May 2008 for the purpose of assisting in the relief and recovery of the victims of the destruction caused by Cyclone Nargis.